There are a few reasons that you might want to consider using some kind of shovel or scoop when cleaning out your gutters. Some are health reasons and others are for those of us who like things clean. Finally, the job goes faster if you use a tool. The alternative is to use your hands. Even if you are wearing gloves, gutter cleaning by hand is not a good idea.

First, rotting leaves and other tree debris can be breeding grounds for bacteria of several different varieties as well as mold. Touching possible mold contamination with your bare hands is not a good idea because a majority of the population suffers from some kind of mold allergy. The effects can range from a slight irritation of the throat to death. Even if you wear gloves you risk inadvertent exposure. By distancing yourself form the debris with a long handled gutter scoop, you minimize your chances of mold exposure.

Second, gutter cleaning can be a little bit messy. When you pick up piles of wet debris with your hands, material seeps out between your fingers and from others areas of your fist. As you move that hand from the gutter to the garbage bag you brought up the ladder, you could be dripping dirty water and debris onto your siding. A scoop with high sides will make sure that material does not fall out in the short amount of time it takes to go from the gutter to the trash bag.

Finally, using a gutter tool like the scoop will make the gutter cleaning go much faster. A piece of equipment can pick up significantly more material with every scoop than your hands can. In addition, the long handle allows you to clean a larger section of gutter system before having to climb down and move the ladder. That step is clearly the most time consuming. All in all gutter scoops are a good way to protect yourself, the cleanliness of your siding, and the amount of time you need to spend cleaning your gutters.