Gutters fill up with debris because falling leaves, twigs, seeds, pine cones, pine needles, etc. find there way into these convenient troughs. Some of the small debris will get carried away by water during rains, but as the amount of debris begins to increase rapidly, the water cannot handle it and it starts to get bogged down. The wet debris cakes the bottom of the gutters and eventually, it could clog the downspouts or other sections of your gutter system. This is why we need to clean our gutter out regularly. One of the most essential tools in this chore is the gutter scoop.

Gutter scoops are just as they sound. They are tools for scooping out the debris. They usually have high sides so that their capacity is as great as possible. The more debris you get with every scooping action, the faster the chore will go. For the same reason they are usually quite long. The picture to the right shows a good example of a gutter scoop.

Another attribute is that they often have long handles. The reason for the long handle is that cleaning your gutter takes place on a ladder. Therefore, you can only reach so far before you have to climb down and move the ladder. The longer the handle, the larger the section of gutter you can clean before getting down. This will also help shorten the time you will spend on this necessary household task. Moving the ladder is often the most time consuming step.

These tools can be purchased at a large home improvement warehouse like Home Depot or Lowes, or maybe even your local hardware store. However, you do not have to buy something called a gutter scoop specifically. Any large scoop will do. A garden trowel, a large spoon, or even an empty milk jug with one side cut out can serve as serviceable gutter scoops. The only rules are that the tool be able to scoop out debris and be easy to handle.