The Transforma Ladder System is a ladder that can give you twenty four different ladders with one piece of equipment. It is a convertible ladder system that can help you do various jobs around the home so that you do not have to purchase multiple ladders. There are also some accessories that come with the Transforma Ladder System that will help you get your work done more efficiently and more safely. The ladder system is made of high quality aluminum which is a good ladder material. It also comes with a lifetime consumer warranty so it is a high quality product that is well worth the $360 price tag considering what you would pay for the twenty four ladders that it replaces.

The first group of ladders the Transforma replaces is a group of four A frame ladders. The Transforma is stored like an A frame ladder and when you first unfold it you have a four foot stepladder. What makes the Transform ladder unique is that it telescopes to give you four different sized A frame ladders. You can get a four, five, six, or seven foot A frame ladder by stopping the telescoping action at each rung. The Transforma ladder is also safer than a lot of other A frame ladders because it has rubber grips on the bottoms of all surfaces that touch the floor for non slip protection as well as flared bottoms for added stability. The fact that there are rungs on both sides of the ladder is important because it means that you can have people on either side of the ladder if necessary. Sometimes you need the help of another set of hands and normally you would have to have two ladders. With the Transforma Ladder System you only need one.

Another factor that makes the Transforma ladder special is the fact that you can adjust the telescoping on one side at a time allowing you to get a step ladder configuration that you can use on slopes and staircases safely. There are six different staircase ladder configurations. In addition, you can adjust one side of the ladder so that it is parallel with a wall allowing you to get close to your work site without turning on top of the ladder. This feature is known as a 90 degree ladder and there are three different heights available.

If you need to be able to reach higher work sites, then you can release the center joint where the A frame ladders pivot to turn one side up so that it is even with the other. The result is an extension ladder configuration. Because you can telescope both ends of the extension ladder, there are ten possible heights available for your use. The highest is seventeen feet which is high enough to reach the windows on the second floor of a two story home. Again, the flared bottom and top make the extension ladder more stable and is good for ladder safety.

Finally, when the Transforma is in the shortest A frame configuration, you can take out the inner pieces that give the ladder telescoping capabilities to make two separate four foot A frames. This gives you the opportunity for scaffolding because the rungs on both step ladders line up perfectly. Just put some kind of a plank across one of the rung levels for an easy to assemble and transport scaffolding system.

The Transforma ladder system also comes with a few accessories that will make your ladder work even more safe and efficient. The first is the wall standoff tool. This is a piece of equipment that you attach to the top of the extension ladders so that the ladder is out away from the structure somewhat. It allows you to not crush floral arrangements or other objects that may be attached to the wall and would not fit under the ladder. The wall standoff tool also provides some extra stability for the ladder set up.

Another accessory that is handy is the leg leveler. Sometimes you need to work on a surface that is slightly uneven, but not so uneven that the staircase ladder configurations are necessary. In these instances, it is better to use the leg leveler that will add a small amount of height to one side of the ladder so that you can get a level ladder setup. It can be very unsafe to work on a ladder that is not level and the leg leveler helps give the user the stability that is so needed when working on a ladder on uneven terrain.

Finally, the Transforma ladder comes with two work platforms that are an essential tool for both the safety and efficiency of a Transforma ladder user. The work platforms hook on to any rung of the ladder and fold down so that you can safely climb past them when going up or down the ladder. When you want to use the platform, you only need to pull it out so that it catches on the rung and becomes flat. It is strong enough to hold almost 300 pounds of weight. That means that a person can stand on the work platform. That allows you to stand firmly on two feet and let go of the ladder with your hands and still feel secure. It will also help with the possible muscle cramps that come from standing on thin rungs for long periods of time. You can also use the work platforms to hold tools or other items that you need to have access to while working on the ladder. If you do not have to keep going up and down the ladder to get new tools, your work will be more efficient.