STIHL chain saws are the best selling chainsaw brand worldwide. One reason is that they have something for everyone. Whether you are a homeowner who will use the chainsaw a few times a year or a professional using one every day, STIHL has a product that will meet your needs. STIHL has a chainsaw product selector tool on their website that will help you choose the right chain saw for your needs. There are many features on a chainsaw that will help determine what kind of product you need. Once you know more about the features available you will be able to make a choice between the many categories of STIHL chainsaws including occasional use chain saws, mid-range use chainsaws, profession use chain saws, professional tree service chainsaws, professional fire and rescue chain saws, and electric chainsaws.

STIHL Chain Saw Common Features

STIHL chain saws are made with many common features and some additional features that are not so common, but not every chainsaw will have every features discussed here. You need to check with a certified STIHL chain saw dealer to make sure the model you are buying has the features that you want. The first important feature to point out is that STIHL makes its own saw chain so that you know the chain will fit the machines precisely lowering the risk of injury or equipment failure. A second feature would be the Ematic Bar that includes a polymer ramp reservoir. The reservoir holds bar oil until it can be picked up by the passing chain. This setup reduces oil usage by up to fifty percent making STIHL chainsaws among the most environmentally conservative on the market.

There are bumper spikes at the end of the Ematic bar and chain for better control as well as a spark arrestor muffler. The muffler has large baffles that reduce noise level as well as a screen to reduce the emission of sparks. Another helpful safety feature is the STIHL Quickstop chain brake system. This innovative brake system can stop the chain in only fractions of a second. The brake can be operated manually as well as automatically if there is a significant amount of kickback force for safety reasons. To protect the chain saw user’s hands there are both front and rear hand guards as well as ergonomically designed front and rear handles so that the chainsaw is comfortable and safe to hold.

Starting and maintaining a STIHL chain saw is easier because of some common features like a protected spark plug, an easy to remove air filter cover, high tech polymer housings, a translucent fuel tank, toolless fuel and oil caps, an air vibration system, a large starting handle, and a master control lever. The master control lever is a single operating lever for the choke, starting throttle lock, and the on and off switch. Reducing the number of levers and buttons makes operation simpler. In addition, the air vibration system helps to reduce chainsaw user fatigue and the large staring handle is easier to grip so starting the chain saw is easier.

When maintaining the STIHL chainsaw over the years, the other features make your job easier. High tech polymer housings are lightweight and corrosion resistant so they protect the parts of your cahin saw well. The air filter cover is easy to remove so changing or cleaning the air filter is easy and will be avoided less often. The spark plug is protected, but still easy to access and change, just like the fuel and oil caps. They require no tools to open or tighten. The translucent fuel tank lets the STIHL chain saw user see how much fuel is available before starting work so stoppages for refueling are less common.

Some of the special features available on only a few STIHL chainsaws are detailed below:

  • The IntelliCarb Compensating Carburetor measures air flow on the clean side of the air filter and then adjusts the metering diaphragm in the carburetor. This feature means that the RPM levels are even when the air filter begins to clog.
  • Easy-Access Carburetor Adjustment Screws mean that you have easy access to the carburetor in case you want to adjust it for local cutting conditions or altitude.
  • The Easy2Start System reduces the strength and effort needed to start the engine so that any homeowner can start the chainsaw easily, not just the burly ones.
  • A Purge Pump Primer lets you prime the carburetor without flooding it.
  • Certain models have Replaceable “In Tank” Fuel and Oil Filters that cost less than standard filters and are easier to maintain.
  • An Automatic Bar and Chain Oiler allows the chain saw user to concentrate on what they are cutting rather than making sure the bar and chain are properly oiled.

These are only some of the features available from STIHL chainsaws. There are many others and talking over your options with a certified STIHL distributor is your best option when trying to decide what features are right for you. STIHL chain saws are only sold by independent distributors. No large box stores or hardware super stores sell STIHL products because STIHL feels it is more difficult to control the quality of the customer experience at these large retailers.