Cleaning the gutters on my home is probably my least favorite home maintenance chore of the year. The reason I dislike it so much is that I am afraid of heights. In order to clean your gutters, you need to climb up on a ladder or scaffolding so you can reach them. But in order to do the cleaning activities, you need to let go of the ladder with at least one hand. Safety protocols say never to let more than one appendage off of the ladder at any given moment, but we all know that sometimes it is hard to follow that rule while holding a trash bag and reaching out to clean sections of your gutter. So scrubbing or scooping your gutters can be scary for someone not comfortable working up in the air. One way to help with those fears is the use of long handled gutter cleaning tools.

You can purchase scoops and brushes with long handles or even extensions so that you can reach up to four or five feet away without having to lean at all. The set to the left has three extension pieces that can let you reach up to eight feet. That means that you can keep your body close to the ladder and your center of gravity directly beneath your core. That is the key to maintaining your balance. If you feel balanced and stable, you will be less frightened of the height.

An added benefit is that you do not have to move the ladder as often. The most time consuming step of gutter cleaning is the time it takes you to climb down the ladder, move it a few feet down the side of the house and climb back up. If you can only clean one or two feet on either side of the ladder at a time then you will have to move the ladder two or three times more than you would if you could reach four or five feet. The long handles gutter cleaning tools save you time.