Husky has been making quality pressure washers for years for both residential use and professional use. We will discuss two models that are popular among residential users as well as some handy accessories that will make individual jobs easier for the average homeowner. The 2010 Husky H2000 and 2009 Husky H1600 are both excellent machines that will help you tackle a wide variety of home cleaning projects like siding, gutters, decks, cars, driveways, sidewalks, boats, fences, etc.. Not only are these machines powerful enough to get any home cleaning job done, they are easy to set aup and easy to use so that you can be ready to get cleaning in just minutes.

2010 Husky H2000 Power Washer

Pressure washers are designed to harness the power of high pressure water streams. The high pressure removes whatever dirt or stain is troubling you and then the rest of the water stream pushes the dirt out of the way. The Husky H2000 delivers water at 1800 psi and approximately 1.6 gallons per minutes. The relatively low gallon per minute rate is impressive because this is approximately seventy percent less than the average garden hose. Even though you are getting high power, you are not doing so at the expense of your water bill. The thirty foot pressure hose and gun are long enough that you can leave the Husky pressure washer in a safe place while you clean. Other pressure washers have shorter hoses and you need to lug around the heavy pressure washer machine from area to area. In addition to the thirty foot hose, the machine has a thirty five foot power for added convenience. Even if you do have to move the power washer around for storage purposes, it comes equipped with integrated wheels to make the task easier. The Husky H2000 has a detergent tank for those cleaning situations that require some soap in addition to the high pressure water.

2009 Husky H1600 Power Washer

The Husky H1600 is a slightly smaller pressure washer that still delivers enough power and versatility to get most household jobs done. Delivering 1400 psi at 1.6 gallon, this Husky pressure washer is slightly less powerful than the other, but plenty powerful enough for any job you might have around your house. The hose is not quite as long at only nineteen feet, but it still gives you a good deal of working room. Just like the H200 the Husky H1600 has a thirty five foot power cord. Two differences of note are that the H1600 does not have a permanent detergent tank. Instead, this Husky power washer had an attachable soap bottle that you can use when needed. In addition the Husky H1600 has a one year warranty while the H2000 has a three year warranty.

Husky Power Washer Accessories

Husky also has a wide variety of accessories that you can buy that make certain types of cleaning projects easier. The power washer 17 piece accessory kit pictured to the left has examples of all these kinds of tools. Some are brushes that you put on the end of the pressure wand so that you can use some friction as well as the high pressure water to clean surfaces. Some brushes are designed for cleaning hard surfaces like sidewalks or driveways and others are for softer materials like the wooden deck or siding. Other accessories are nozzles that will let you change the direction and shape of the water stream coming off the end of the pressure hose. One accessory makes a stream that you can aim into gutter systems in order to force out clogs and make gutter cleaning easy. Another nozzle might be described as a turbo nozzle that will shape the water stream into an even more powerful stream under even more pressure.