If you want to make your own gutter scoop then you probably have or will have all the things you need in your house right now. The first thing you will need is an empty plastic bottle such as a milk jug. You will also need a pair of scissors and a pen. If you wait a few days an empty container is bound to show up and I think that pretty much everyone has a pen and a pair of scissors in their home.

It is important to remember to keep the lid of the container. If you throw away the lid then there will be a hole at the end of the scoop where you intend the debris to settle. That would make the tool unusable. Your next step is to orient the bottle so that you can hold it by the handle and it is on its side. You want to handle on the upper most side. This means that the bottle will be oriented so that the bottom of the bottle is facing you in a diamond shape. Once you have the right orientation you need to start making your cut lines.

Start at the bottom corner and draw a V up to the two middle corners. You will now have a V on the former bottom of the milk jug. Remember that the top corner is the same side of the container as the handle. Next, put a dot somewhere between the bottom of the handle and that last unmarked corner. Finally connect the dot to the two middle corners. The lines will go down the former sides of the milk jug. If you cut along these lines, you will get a perfectly serviceable gutter scoop. So you can make a gutter scoop for at virtually no cost to you.