If you do not want to have to deal with gutter cleaning twice a year or if you do not want the chore to be as hard to complete, one option is to install some kind of gutter protection or gutter guard systems. The type of gutter protection that you choose will depend on the type of debris that collects in your gutters and the pitch of your roof.

Most people protect their gutters with a gutter cover installation or gutter guard. Some people call these devices leaf gutter guards or gutter screens. A cover for your gutters has many small holes in it that let the water get through, but not leaves or other debris. It can also consist of simply a mesh screen covering your gutters. Depending on the size of the debris, you will need to look for certain sized holes. If your gutters are usually clogged with small pine needles then you will want smaller holes than if they are usually clogged with larger leaves. However, most gutter guards or gutter screens allow at least some debris to get into your gutters so you will still need to clean them out periodically. These rain gutter guards vary widely in price. You could do it yourself and install a wire mesh covering for about $250 or you could spend more than $2,000 for a manufactured option. Amerimax gutter guard products are quite popular and they have several varieties that vary in price and effectiveness.

One very popular system for gutter protection is one based on the water adhesion principle. A guard extends from your roof over your gutters to the edge and leaves only a small opening precisely engineered to allow only water to enter your gutters. The surface tension of the water makes it adhere to the gutter protection system longer than the debris and as the debris falls over the edge and falls away, the water enters the gutter system and is carried safely away by your downspouts. This particular product can be very expensive depending on the size of your house. The average 1,500 square foot house has about 160 linear feet of gutters and this product costs from eighteen to twenty dollars per foot. That comes out to a price tag of $2,880 – $3,200. Nevertheless, some people think it is worth the money. Most gutter guard reviews of these types of products rave about how well they work.

One final gutter protection option is a foam filter. This product is typically shaped like a triangle and fits into your gutter so that it cannot be seen from street level. Since the foam is filling the gutter, most large debris such as leaves and twigs cannot clog your gutter. The foam allows water to flow through it freely so there should not be any overflow of water. One downside to this type of material is that smaller debris can get in the cervices left around the foam and cause more clogging problems than if the filter was not present. This option is much less expensive than the other options though and can be installed by anyone where other systems might require a professional installation.

There are many options in terms of gutter covers. Your budget and type of debris you’re dealing with will determine which gutter guard is right for you.