You may have heard that some people use their hose or even a pressure washer to clean their gutters, and they do. However, they cannot use the hose or pressure washer alone. Generally you need an additional gutter cleaning tool called a gutter wand. Gutter wands make it possible to clean your gutter with the power of high pressure water. No scooping or scrubbing is necessary. Some gutter wand systems include telescoping attachments that let you clean your gutters without ever leaving the ground. For someone like me who is afraid of heights, that is great news. Nevertheless, even if you do not have to leave the ground to clean, you still have to climb the ladder in inspect your work and make sure everything is clear.

A gutter wand is an attachment that you put at the end of a garden hose or pressure washer that usually has a hook shape to it. That allows you to stand below and the wand can reach up and over the edge of your gutter system. At the end of the U is a nozzle that directs the water stream in a jet. The ones designed to use with a power washer just concentrate the flow into a single jet of water but the ones designed for use with a garden hose actually help concentrate the flow so that the output is at higher pressure than it is going into the hose. The high pressure water stream will loosen any debris, dirt, mold, and mildew that might be adhering to the inside of your gutters.

The fast that the water comes out so hard can be a downside if there is too much splash over. Sometimes the stream is so pressurized that instead of having the water flow to the downspouts in a controlled manner, the dirt and debris come splashing over the sides of the gutters and make a mess on your siding or other fa├žade. It takes some practice to get the positioning just right so that you avoid this situation.

Some gutter wands are short and only extend a few feet from the hose outlet or pressure washer hose outlet. These short gutter cleaning tools are best used with a hose rather than a pressure washer because it is hard to get a pressure washer with you up a ladder. Others have multiple telescoping pieces that allow you to work on the ground next to the pressure washer and reach second story gutter systems.