Gutter cleaning is probably one of the worst if not the worst cleaning chore there is.  It is difficult to do, time consuming, tedious, and most importantly, sometimes dangerous.  Unfortunately, gutters that aren’t cleaned on a regular basis can end up causing way bigger headaches than they themselves are.  Clogged gutters can overflow and bypass the appropriate down spouts.  When this happens rain or melting snow will erode the soil and concrete that are next to the house.  The soil and concrete are meant as the first line of defense to keep moisture away from a house’s foundation.

If water finds its way to a foundation, a whole mess of problems can pop up.  Water, like most things, always travels the path of least resistance.  This means that water will enter any crack it comes across as it travels downward.  In cases of heavy precipitation, flowing water will enter and exit these cracks taking tiny pieces of foundation with it.  Over time the crack or cracks will grow bigger until the water pushes all the way through the foundation and into your basement.  Obviously, a leaking foundation is very bad news.

Even worse is a situation where you don’t have a foundation or where water bypasses your foundation and begins eroding the ground under your house.  In these situations, water doesn’t push a hole into your house, but creates holes under it.  Sometimes these holes can be massive.  One particular instance comes to mind.  In a house where gutter cleaning was a low priority, a large crater began forming directly under the master bedroom.  The homeowners had no clue this was happening.  Ultimately, the crater grow to the point where the bedroom collapsed into the hole.  To this day, the house remains unlivable.

Overflowing gutters is one problem.  Another problem is when your gutters become extemely heavy because they are full of wet leaves and debris.  Heavy gutters can start to pull away from your home.  Once a gutter pulls away from your house, it is completely useless.  Beyond being useless, a detached gutter is an eye sore.  Without a gutter system, water will travel down the side of your house and can end up causing similar problems which were detailed previously.  This is a best case scenario.  Worst case, water will enter your house where your roof intersects the rest of the house.  In this situation, The Above and Beyond Warranty might be a great investment in your home and piece of mind. A wet attic can lead to ceiling damage throughout your house.  Please come back to Gutter Cleaning Tips for more information.