One of the joys of homeownership is taking care of that home. You do not even think about your gutters and downspouts while they are working properly, but when they are not you have a major chore on your hands. Most people wait until something is wrong to clean their gutters, but they really should be cleaned twice a year. You should clean them in early spring to get rid of any left over ice or debris from the winter and before heavy rains test their ability to protect your home. You should clean them again in the fall to get rid of the falling leaves before melting winter snows begin to tax your gutters. Many people wonder whether they should complete this chore on their own or hire someone to do it. There are advantages to both.

If you do it yourself, there will be considerably less cost. It only takes time and some simple gutter cleaning equipment that is only basic household items. Therefore, doing it yourself is usually the more ecnomical choice. If you hire gutter cleaning services you could spend anywhere from seventy-five to five hundred dollars. The size of your home and how many stories it is add to the cost. If your downspouts are clogged this usually adds to this cost as well. Most people that professional clean your gutter do not use water or hoses so cleaning downspouts is a lot more complicated. In addition to the economics, there is a less tangible advantage to cleaning your own gutters. When you own a home, you develop a special bond with it as you put more and pore of yourself into maintaining it. There is a great satisfaction in putting in some hard work on making your home more beautiful.

If you are a particularly clumsy individual or are accident-prone, then hiring someone to clean your gutters could be the right choice for you. Obviously, there are safety concerns when you clean your own gutters. If you let professionals do it then you do not have to worry about being hurt when you fall from a ladder. In addition to keeping your feet on the ground, hiring a professional has other added benefits. Many gutter-cleaning services include leveling of your gutters to make sure they are pitched properly to optimize your drainage system. In addition, many technicians also will replace or repair the hangers for your gutters to make sure they are securely attached to your home and will not fall off in heavy winds or rains. As self-sufficient as they can be, I doubt many homeowners know the specifics of how their gutters should hang.

In order to make sure that my gutters are hanging properly, I usually have a service clean them once every two years. The other three times I climb up the ladder and do it myself. If you keep to a schedule of two cleanings per year, the chore should not take as long or be as expensive when you pay for it.