Your gutter system is supposed to be a way to keep water from running off of your roof, saturating the ground next to your foundation, and damaging that foundation or finding its way into or under your home. The consequences of water too close to your house can be disastrous. So, if you keep up with your gutter cleaning, successfully carry water from the roof, through your gutter system, and down the downspouts; how do you make sure that it does not find its way to your foundation. The key is burying your downspouts. Directing water away from your foundation is the number one reason to bury your downspouts, but there are other reasons as well.

If you let water just run out your downspouts or attach a small elbow at the end of your downspout and let the water run out of that, chances are that the water will still make it back to your home’s foundation. You need to carry it further away. However, having a long piece of gutter tubing on the ground leading away from your home could be an eyesore and a possible tripping hazard. The best solution is to bury that piece.

In addition to protecting your foundation, you might want to bury your downspout for safety reasons. As I mentioned above, you could trip over a piece of downspout if it comes out too far away from the home. In addition, if there is a sidewalk or driveway close to where a downspout empties, there could be concerns over icing and slippery walkways.

A third reason to bury your downspout is to more effectively channel it toward a storm drain. Most homeowners do not want to saturate their yards with the water runoff from their gutters. So they direct that water stream toward a storm drain. If you bury the downspout, you can make whatever twists and turns are necessary to direct the water toward that drain.

Finally, if you have a garden in your yard then you might consider burying your downspout so that you can use the runoff water for irrigation. Farmers have been redirecting water flow for generations in order to effectively cultivate their crops. Watering flowers and crops at root level is much more effective than watering them over the top. There is no reason you cannot do the same. Using your gutter runoff will help you save money on your water bill because you will not have to water your garden as often.