Solar lighting is becoming very popular for outdoor lighting solutions for many homeowners. You get all the benefits of outdoor lighting without many of the downsides. One such benefit is the improvement of the aesthetics of your home or your curb appeal. Another benefit would be a safety benefit. Having certain areas outside of your home lit at night is a deterrent to intruders and burglars. Also, it is safer for people approaching your home for legitimate reasons because their way will be well lit and there will be less risks of falls. One of the possible downsides of outdoor lighting is the cost. It costs a lot of money to keep lights lit outdoors during all dark hours of the day. It seems like quite a waste when for a majority of that time, no one is outside to benefit from the light. Some people would call it wasteful. Solar lights solve this problem because you do not need to pay for electricity to keep them running.

Solar lights do not have light bulbs. Instead, they use LEDs or light emitting devices. These LEDs run on batteries which are rechargeable. Their charge comes from solar energy collected with a solar collecting panel during daylight hours. It doesn’t even need to be extremely sunny. Simple daylight is usually enough to run a solar light for eight to ten hours. This is especially true with decorative solar lighting because these lights are usually smaller and do not have large numbers of LEDs. There are several different kinds of decorative solar lighting that you can take advantage of and this post will explain some of the most popular

The perfect way to add light to any pathway or garden without taking away from the beauty of your home. Appropriately placed solar rocks are the solution to any outdoor lighting problem you might encounter. Sleek and versatile the solar rock is a must have. Features: -Weatherproof finish -Sand Stone Color -8 Hours of nightly illumination -No wiring, safe and easy to install -Bright white LED illumination -Solar panels convert sunlight to energy stored in long-life rechargeable batteries -Dusk to dawn sensor automatically turns on as night approaches -Dimensions: 6.25” W x 4” H About Cascade Lighting Cascade solar lighting is a premier marketing and distribution company of upscale garden items and solar lighting. Cascade has successfully developed a very unique solar line that has been well received by the market. The line includes basic solar lanterns as well as more decorative pieces such as solar lighthouses, frogs and fairies. The success of the product offering is a result of the high quality metal and very detailed resin items you will find in Cascade’s solar lighting collection. Cascade solar lighting is a division of Alger International, Los Angeles, California.

Solar Rock Lights

Many varieties of decorative solar lighting are for use in the garden. Solar garden lights are usually decorative because you do not want the lighting to detract from the natural beauty of the garden area. Solar rock lights are a very popular choice. These are solar lights that are disguised as rocks. They come in many different sizes and colors and they are usually shaped irregularly so that they look natural. You can either place them strategically around your garden or use them as part of the border that is also made of rocks so that you shine light on the garden during darkness. The rock disguise will mean that observers cannot see the lights during the day.

This garden gnome has decided to take a walk through the garden at night. Good thing he has brought his solar mushroom with him to light his way. He would make the perfect addition to your gnome collection. The solar light recharges during the day and emits a soft yellowish color at night, which would add a warm, inviting glow to your yard all night long. Made of handpainted resin for long life and durability. Stands 10 Inches Tall.

Solar Statue Lights

A variation on solar rock lights is statue lights. If you do not have a rock border or do not like the aesthetics of having small rocks placed around your garden, then you might elect to choose a statue that also doubles as a solar light fixture. There are solar statue lights to look like garden gnomes as well as fairies and various small animals. Rabbits, frogs, and turtles are popular choices. Usually these solar light fixtures have small lights that shine down behind the statues or up from underneath. The light is not as bright or far reaching as that of the rock solar lights which have a large LED face pointing up rather than down.

Our solar garden stake has a unique design which features an integrated solar panel midway down the stake. Inside is a rechargeable AA NI-MH battery. A color-changing LED atop the stake shines through the clear acrylic 4″ x 5″ hummingbird to give a spectacular, decorative lighting effect in your garden. Plant the stake in the ground where it will get full sun, and the photo switch in the solar panel automatically turns itself on at night. Your garden stake will begin to glow as darkness falls, and continue to provide a calming light show into the night. (Assembled stands 32″ tall)

Solar Garden Accent Lights

If you are looking for something a bit more subtle for your decorative lighting needs then you should consider garden accent lighting. These small solar lights are disguised to look like small insects or butterflies during the day. At night, they glow providing a small amount of light to the surrounding garden area, but mostly just something pretty to look at. The small LEDs are attached to long metal wire sticks that are pushed into the ground. It makes the insects look like they are flying over your garden at night because the sticks are not visible in darkness.

Solar-powered floating globe shines in every color. Add some light and color to your garden, home or pond with the Solar-Powered Floating Light Globe. A bright LED shines through the globe’s UV-resistant, translucent housing to create a sphere of ever-changing color. No electricity is required to power this floating light globe. The solar panel inside the globe converts sunlight into electricity that is then stored in the integral rechargeable battery pack. The light switches on automatically when it gets dark and turns itself off when re-exposed to light or when the battery is fully discharged. The globe uses a white plastic housing so that the LED can easily shine through, glowing in every color in the spectrum. The Solar-Powered Floating Light Globe can be inserted into your home or garden’s décor in a variety of ways. A pedestal is included for secure positioning inside your home on a windowsill. The included ground spike will plant securely in the ground for outdoor color in a garden or path light. You can even float the globe as an accent light in a koi pond*. *Not recommended for use in chlorinated water.

Floating Solar Lights

If your property is large enough to have a pond or lake or if you have a swimming pool that you want to show off to your guests, then you should look into floating decorative lighting. Floating solar lights are usually shaped like a sphere with a weight attached to one side. The weighted piece falls under the water and anchors the floating light fixture. The solar light will shine a pale and soft light out over the water. The reflections are beautiful and multiply across the water. Solar lighting is really the only way to go for decorative floating lights because you do not want to introduce electrical cords to a wet environment. The other alternative is battery operated lights with traditional light bulbs and those tend to wear out quickly. The solar decorative light will regenerate itself every day so that you always have decorative lighting at night.

40 Feet “Lets Edge It” Plastic Brick Edging with 6 Built-In Solar Lights and 50 regular plastic bricks. Lights and edges your yard with one product. Circle a tree in minutes. Product will automatically curve or go straight. Safety and security – lighting up a walkway. No hauling, digging, mixing mortar. Just Snap together and Press in ground. It’s that easy.

Solar Stepping Stones

Another variety of decorative solar lighting is solar stepping stones. These light panels are installed as part of your stone walkway and light up at night after charging in the sun all day. The panels are designed to blend in with the rest of your brick so they are not obvious to the casual observer. Then, when they are illuminated, they shine enough light to keep your pathway lighted for visitors. They are a decorative alternative to pathway lighting.

Make your garden or landscaping dance with the light of a thousand fireflies! End-of-season closeout special! Our lowest price ever on crackled glass solar-powered color LED garden lights! One of the most exciting lighting concepts in years, these lights have a 3 diameter glass ball with a spectacular crackled finish and super bright LED technology that changes color from red to blue to green. Also features solar panel that harnesses the sun’s energy, on-board rechargeable battery, super bright LED and stainless steel rod. Runs up to 8 hours per charge. 33 high.

Solar Globes

One final type of decorative solar lighting is solar globe lights. They come in two common varieties. The first is globe stakes. These are small globes about the size of a baseball that are attached to long sticks that are pushed into the ground for anchoring. These globes often are decorated with colorful designs on the outside so that the light that shines through is colored and interesting. The second variety is a large decorative ball that sits on a stand that looks similar to a bird bath. These decorative orbs have become quite popular yard decorations. During the day they look like any other yard orb, but at night they glow and dazzle adding an extra decorative element to your landscaping.

Add dramatic light to your garden or porch with the Solar Chameleon Crackled Glass Gazing Ball and Pedestal. A crackled glass globe rests atop a resin pedestal, adorned with butterfly, flower, and bird shapes for a natural motif. Gaze in wonder as the LEDs provide bright white light or cycle in a spectrum of colors.