Amerimax is a company that manufactures and sells rain carrying equipment of all kinds including gutter systems and gutter protection systems. If you are looking for a product to help with the rain management in your home then this is the company to contact. Amerimax sells several different varieties of gutter protection systems.

The first type is gutter screens. The gutter screens can be broken down further into two sub categories. Some screens lay flat across the top of your gutters and some have a curved shape to them so that they are convex over the top of the gutters. There are advantages to both types. The flat gutter screens are harder to see from ground level. If they are installed correctly you will not even be able to tell they are there. However, the flat surface is the perfect place for leaves and debris to settle. If the holes get covered up by leaves, then the water will have nowhere to go and will run off the side of the house rather than into the gutter system. The curved gutter mesh screens work better in this respect. The curved edges encourage debris to fall off and do not get clogged up as easily. However, you can see these screens from the ground and might be bad for your curb appeal.

The second type of gutter guard system available from Amerimax are what they call shingle gutter covers. These gutter covers are a combination of a solid cover and a screen. There are layers that are mesh and layers that are solid. The screen locks into the far side of the gutters and lays over the roof so that it blends in with your shingles. The sloped bend allows debris to slide off but the water to fall into the gutter.

The third type of gutter guard is a solid cover that works on the principle of water adhesion. These solid covers have a nice look to them and cannot get clogged with leaves or debris because the opening for the water is actually over the edge. The leaves have already fallen off the house by the time the water turns the corner and is falling into the gutter system.

Most of the gutter guard systems from Amerimax snap into place in between the edges of the gutter opening. This makes it easy to remove the guards if you ever need access to the gutters for cleaning or on the off chance that something gets through the guard. However, there are some that attach using clips. These meal clips grab the edge of the gutter system and hold the gutter guard into place. You generally only install these on one side leaving the other side free to bend up if you need access to the gutters.